Imagine your ideas drawn — incorporating energy, colour, space, line, scale, icons, figures, metaphors. This is the territory of visual practice. Visual practice makes the fleeting nature of spoken conversation concrete.

The new anthology Drawn Together through Visual Practice demonstrates the power of visuals as a sensemaking device in an age of unprecedented complexity.

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In this anthology, 27 contributors share experience-based methods and insights. Leading professionals in visual practice, alongside cross-disciplinary practitioners in other fields, delve into deep and resonant questions at the core of connection and communication.

This anthology connects ideas and practitioners at a moment when our practice is dramatically expanding.  Whether we are visual veterans, bold beginners, or curious companions to the field of visual practice, we come together to:

  • Deepen our knowledge with 27 cross-disciplinary practitioners on 4 continents
  • Delve into questions that prompt us to pause and reflect on our practice
  • Show up as a trusted and capable partner and work to our true potential
  • Playfully dive into experiments with improvisation, dancineering, kinesthetic modeling, and more – and delight in improving our skills and impact
  • Discover inspiration to help solve the complex puzzles of our time

Leaders in facilitation, conflict mediation, education – and all other areas using visual processes to establish common ground – will find an unparalleled wisdom of experience in these pages. 


Now is the moment to embrace visual thinking, practice and facilitation as a defining technology of our time.

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