This anthology contains exciting and varied contributions to the growing literature on visual language and its power to “draw us” together. The authors offer a wide range of experience, powerful illustrations and the core message that visual language enables us to learn, think, and grow in new ways – especially when considering the complex relationships that words alone can’t illuminate. Drawn Together through Visual Practice reflects the power of this field to help transform organizations and communities in life-affirming ways.

– Juanita Brown PhD, Co-Founder, The World Cafe

After 45 years of drawing on the wall it is extraordinary to see this field bloom in such rich and contributive ways. The authors are the cambium layer—advancing and shaping it with practice and questions—providing inspiration for all of us who are living into this emergent, hopeful, phenomenon.

David Sibbet, The Grove Consultants International

The field of visual practice has long been nurtured by the quiet presence of artists devoted to listening and serving the groups with whom they work. It is high time that they turned and faced the room and shared the depth of artisanal practice and craft that underscores their devotion to the work. This collection is a stunning revelation of the heart of this practice. Whatever your role in group work, you will be made better by listening to these voices and stories of experience, sensitivity and careful attention.

Chris Corrigan, Art of Hosting and Harvest Moon Consulting

A first-rate look at the new world of visual practice.  I know from personal experience that capturing content and discussion in real time imagery can help create communal understanding and memory.  The images give participants a shared visual vocabulary that help capture complex ideas and enable the move to new discoveries and innovations.  The book is a delightful dive into understanding the background and development of this new teaching/art form. Enjoy.

– Deborah Ancona | Seley Distinguished Professor of Management, Faculty Director of the MIT Leadership Center, MIT Sloan School of Management

I’ve seen visual practice map ideas, refresh memories, and provoke insights in many meetings involving dozens of professionals from business, government, and education. So it’s a special delight to discover this collection representing the art, craft, and inspiration of visual practice from multiple perspectives.

– David N. Perkins, Carl H. Pforzheimer, Jr., Research Professor of Teaching and Learning, Harvard Graduate School of Education

Graphic facilitation is a powerful way for a group to come to know themselves and the work they want to do together. It is no wonder that it so quickly became a part of any good meeting, conference, or problem solving session! Drawn Together is a valuable book, timely and well thought through. It should be read and employed by all wanting to improve and accelerate the rate of change and innovation within an organization, executive team or community. The more diversity in the room, the more powerful visual imagery becomes.

– Gail Taylor, Co-Founder of MG Taylor, Inc., Founder of Tomorrow Makers, Inc.

At last! A compendium of stories, helpful approaches and mind sets that reflects the diversity, the richness of scope and the broad impact of the growing field of visual practice/visual language. Our visual practice not only encompasses ‘making the invisible visible’ and ‘making the visible visual’ through many artistic means, but also, it incorporates all the human elements of working together, listening, and inclusion that our world is crying for. The potential is unlimited. This is a must read for people who are looking for ways to make substantial change and impact in our world as a group or as an individual and who are looking for paths to go ‘from my way to our way’.

– Susan Kelly, Visual Practitioner

Drawn Together offers me tools to reflect and improve on developing campaigns for Lush, and encourages personal reflection on my process. A tremendous job bringing together a picture of the evolving work and sharing best practices.

– Carleen Pickard, Ethical Campaigns Specialist, Lush Handmade Cosmetics, North America 

Now is the moment to embrace visual thinking, practice and facilitation as a defining technology of our time.

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