Dear reader, this book is for you…

From an exciting introduction to drawing out group thinking, to the advanced practice of visually expressing deep human struggles, this anthology offers a wealth of insight — whether you are a veteran visual practitioner or experimenting with it for the first time.

Those new to visual thinking will value the rich and fruitful learning that occurs as visuals help transform ideas into action. Their capacity for sensemaking will expand, as the range of learning what is “behind the curtain” is exposed. This is a resource to share with colleagues in a variety of contexts that call for the use of visual practice.

Experienced practitioners will deepen their knowledge and connection with one another, at a time when we all are keen to keep our practice fresh, alive, and relevant. Read how others work to develop lasting partnerships and client collaborations. Explore the full integrity of our practice within a quickly-expanding field, while differentiating skills through reflection on personal and professional development.

Now is the moment to embrace visual thinking, practice and facilitation as a defining technology of our time.

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Published July 2016