Sneak peek: the table of contents

As the book is now in the final stages of copy editing, we thought we’d offer a sneak peek at the table of contents. The book covers a lot of ground! To give a flavor of what’s to come, we’ll be releasing a free sample chapter in the coming weeks.

  • Making Room for Making: In praise of imperfect drawings and the humans who make them, Brandy Agerbeck
  • Drawing-to-Learn: A general studies course for first-year college students, Dr. Laurence Musgrove
  • In Front of the Wall, Alfredo Carlo
  • Visual Improvisation: How improvising influences my sketchnoting, Eva-Lotta Lamm
  • Solo-Practitioner Partnerships, Lisa Arora and Robert Mittman
  • Sensemaking through Arts-Infused, Person-Centred Planning Processes, Aaron Johannes-Rosenberg
  • Dancineering, Researchals, Bodystorming, and Informances, Christopher Knowlton
  • Stories and Storytelling, Anthony Weeks
  • The Secret to Long-Term Impact in Your Engagements, Mary Alice Arthur
  • Using Perspectives to Build a Practice, Bryan Coffman
  • Cultivating Cultural Safety: The visual practitioner’s role in motivating positive action, Sam Bradd
  • The Use of Imagery in Conflict Engagement, Aftab Erfan, PhD
  • Steady, to Scale, Kelvy Bird
  • A Learning Journey: Connecting Self to Planet, Stina Brown
  • Sharing a Dia Experience, Claudia Madrazo
  • Embodied Mark-Making: The Big Brush Experience, Barbara Bash
  • Discovering Wisdom Within and Between: How Storyboards, Portraits, and Visual Explanations Can Help Us Learn to Solve the Puzzles of our Time, Jennifer Shepherd
  • Sensemaking, Potential Space, and Art Therapy with Organizations: Moving beyond language, Michelle Winkel, MA, ATR
  • Kinesthetic Modeling: Re-learning how to grope in the dark, John Ward
  • Becoming a Visual Change Practitioner, Nevada Lane
  • Four Mindsets of a Visual Ecology in the Workplace: Re-Visioning Language Through Visual Thinking, Misha Mercer
  • Rigorous Design of Visual Tools that Deepen Conversations and Spark New Insights, Christine Martell
  • Imagery That Travels Well: Making yourself understood across cultures with the help of visual language, Peter Stoyko
  • The Thermal Lift of Visualization: How the bikablo® approach empowers people in visual thinking, learning and co-creation, Martin Haussmann
  • Bridging on the Rise, Jayce Pei Yu Lee
  • When We Cannot See the Future, Where Do We Begin? Bob Stilger
  • Reflection and Visual Practice, Jennifer Shepherd and Sam Bradd