Bob Stilger

Bob Stilger,  the Founder and Co-President of New Stories, uses the power of story to help people create thriving, resilient communities, remember how to listen to and connect with each other, and work together to create a preferred future. After leading a local community development corporation for 25 years, Bob served as Co-President of The Berkana Institute, connecting people using their own resources to build resilient communities in many parts of the world, including Zimbabwe, India, Brazil, and Australia.  Since 2010, he has worked extensively in Japan, introducing collaborative spaces called “Future Sessions” and participatory leadership processes.  Tokyo’s Eiji Press published his book, When We Can’t See the Future, Where Do We Begin, in Japanese in 2015; an English Edition will be published in 2016.

Bob teaches at St. Mary’s College of California and Gonzaga University. He has a PhD in Learning and Change in Human Systems from CIIS. |  1.509.835.4128