Jayce Pei Yu Lee

Jayce Pei Yu Lee is big at heart, small in size, and organic in spirit.

She was born and grew up in Taipei, Taiwan, studying typographic design and graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Canterbury while living in New Zealand for eight years.

She has diverse professional experience ranging from graphic design, visual merchandising, retail marketing, and sales. She’s devoted her time most recently to knowledge work and bilingual graphic facilitation (Mandarin/ English) with the MGTaylor Methodology and in collaboration with The Value Web at Summer Davos in China since 2010. She has set her footprints and travelled on many continents and now largely works in Asia Pacific with global organizations.

In between her work and travel, she enjoys the outdoors and cooking and at home with her dog Magic Maggie. She is also a member of The Value Web and one of the fellow travelers of Theory U.

lee.jayce@gmail.com | jayce.lee@thevalueweb.org