Vancouver Book Launch: Drawn Together Through Visual Practice

Today we held the Vancouver book launch, featuring Aftab Erfan, Stina BrownAaron Johannes-Rosenberg and me Sam Bradd. Thank you to everyone who attended! We had a fantastic turnout with over 50 people.

Aftab presented about Deep Democracy, Aaron shared his work using visuals for supporting person-centered planning tools, our stellar MC Stina helped us get grounded and writes about connecting the self to planet, and I talked about cultural humility in our cross cultural visual work.

The best part? watching not one but TWO master letterers at work and play: Avril Orloff and Corrina Keeling. Thank you for the first graphic recording of our book about graphic recording!  Also inspired to draw was Rosanna von Saacken whose sketchnotes were a big hit.


The first graphic recording of the book – done in tandem by Avril Orloff and Corrina Keeling at the Vancouver book launch. Thank you for sharing your gifts! 

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